Enterprise scale, startup agility

FinHawk delivers a range of strategic and operation services specifically designed for financial services organisations.

Finhawk Story

Finhawk gives small to medium sized financial service firms who lacked the teams or the high-end tools and resources of their larger competitors access to technology that empowers them and helps them grow.

Solving Complex Risk problems

Businesses in wealth management & advice, SMSF management, insurance, accounting, portfolio management, lending and banking manage a more complex risk environment when it comes to technology than traditional businesses.

That means they need to respond to a unique and complex environment to remain profitable, mitigate risks and comply with the financial regulators.



Flexible support

Finhawk services allow organisations to select the level of support they need, from IT support services, web asset management and development, vendor management to a virtual CIO (VCIO) who will advise and assist the leadership to navigate a challenging and exciting landscape.

Our Core Values

Integrity and Transparency

We tell you what's happening in simple, clear language. we operate professionally and ethically at all levels of your business.

Thought leadership

We seek to give our clients an advantage in the market to not only provide the digital platform to operate, but also to manage their distributed workforce, and advise clients about upcoming changes to finance like digital assets and central bank digital currencies.


No one person knows everything, so we pride ourselves on our diverse skillsets and ability to shine a light into new areas, learning from each other with necessary.


Excellence in what we do - we are not only ahead of the game in all things digital, cybersecurity, regulations for financial services companies, but our VCIO's are HNW's & sophisticated investors who know finance, banking and wealth management.

Our focus

We have three key areas of focus for your business:

  1. Managing risk both external and internal
  2. Business continuity (keeping things working)
  3. Business Fitness for the digital future.

Our approach

Our approach is meticulous and strategic. We ensure that the service we provide is well thought out and is forward planned to reduce any future hurdles.

Leadership Team

Our leaders have a track record of delivering long-term, sustainable growth

Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced executives. Working with each other and with our employees nationwide, their knowledge and experience come together to make a difference for all our stakeholders – clients, partners, employees, partners and community around Australia.


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