FinHawk provides a full range of IT support solutions including - help desk, proactive testing and maintenance, remote diagnostics and remediation. With our expert technicians across all of your IT infrastructure needs, we understand your company’s unique requirements and are there for all your users and key stakeholders anywhere and anytime.

The key services

The key services of the FinHawk Managed IT Support Solution are:

  • Staff/Client Service Desk & Remediation
  • Dashboard Analytics & Reporting
  • Systems Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Systems Audits & Optimisation

Key features of our IT support for financial services

Deep Domain Expertise

FinHawk’s performance-driven support technicians all have extensive levels of domain expertise built from specialised experience and deep understandings of the Financial Services sector.

Scalable Team

Given the raid rate of IT advancements, Financial Service organisations need to scale resources up or down on demand. FinHawk will supply you with the precise skills as needed to handle your growth spurts or emerging IT problems.

Anytime & Anywhere

With FinHawk, you never need to worry about availability because our Managed IT Support is a 24/7/365 global service desk solution. So you can rest assured that help is available whenever and wherever your users and stakeholders need it.

Business Outcomes

Your company’s expertise, experience and focus is delivering market leading Financial Services.
FinHawk’s expertise, experience and focus is delivering outstanding IT Services, which gives you;

  1. A very cost effective OpEx package.
  2. A very safe risk mitigation solution.
  3. A very experienced and expert knowledge resource team.

Get the Finhawk Advantage

Leading Expertise

FinHawk’s Managed IT Support comprises a team of senior technical engineers who have comprehensive experience and expertise in the Financial Services sector .

Low Risk

FinHawk’s Managed IT Support has the runs on the board as a trusted technology partner with Financial institutions to deliver and manage their core IT operations.

Measurable ROI

FinHawk’s Managed IT Support means you don’t have to employ an entire technical team. We do it far more efficiently and cost-effective for Finance Service organisations.

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