Smart Move for your bottom line

Coordinating your infrastructure, software, equipment, cloud services and other IT components can be time consuming and confusing, especially if you don’t have in-house people with the technical experience or knowledge in those diverse categories. That’s why FinHawk’s Vendor Management service is a smart move for your business operations and your bottom line.

Key Services

The key services of FinHawk’s Vendor Management Solution are:

  • IT Supplier & Contract Management
  • Licensing & Subscription Optimisation
  • Systems Currency & Compliancy
  • Staff Systems Training
  • IT Supplier Liaising and Fault Resolutions

Key features of our IT support for financial services

One Stop Shop

FinHawk’s Vendor Management will consolidate all your IT supplier requirements, and we will centrally manage them so you can focus on delivering your core Financial Services. Our expert and experienced team will also identify opportunities to achieve a “better bang for your buck” when procuring software, hardware and services from your incumbent IT suppliers or alternative ones.

Partner Network

FinHawk has an impressive Technology Partner Network. And that means your Financial Services business has a market advantage to access best-in-class technology and knowledge at an effective investment-value-proposition. Our team also keep abreast of technology updates and new solutions, which means we also do the proactive research and due-diligence for you as part of our service to keep your business IT fit.


Incorporated within our Vendor Management services is training. NetHawk appreciates that one of the most fundamental ways to extract value from your technology investments is to ensure that your staff are properly trained in the IT systems that they operate in delivering your Financial Services internally and externally. FinHawk has a number of ways to deliver training including - classroom, 1-on-1 and customised online training resources.

Business Outcomes

Managing multiple IT Suppliers is time-consuming, complex, often confusing and not your core business.
FinHawk’s team have extensive knowledge and experience to be your experts in managing your technology suppliers to:

  1. Deliver greater procurement efficiencies and value-driven decisions in selecting the right – software, hardware and services.
  2. Leverage a comprehensive IT Partner Network giving you a competitive edge in accessing best-of-breed systems.
  3. Empower your team through structured training to maximise the full potential of your technology investments .

Get the Finhawk Advantage

Leading Expertise

FinHawk’s Vendor Management is delivered by our team of tech industry experts who have deep experience and relationships via our extensive IT Partner Network.

Low Risk

FinHawk’s Vendor Management is based on Partnerships with the world’s leading IT Suppliers who provide the most trusted and used corporate technology systems.

Measurable ROI

FinHawk’s Vendor Management team will find and extract greater value for your investments in software, hardware and services.

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