Today, the strategic use of technology is vital to business success and the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) is more important than ever. Every Financial Services business needs an experienced and knowledgeable CIO who is able to align the company’s technology with its business goals. Hiring an in-house CIO is a challenging proposition. It’s for this reason that Financial Services companies are leveraging the fundamental value in FinHawk’s Virtual CIO Advisory service to deliver significant cost savings and deliver measurable business results.

IT Experts with Virtual CIO Advisory Knowledge

The key solution services of the FinHawk Virtual CIO Advisory Practice are:

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Innovation Workshops
  • Executive Roundtable Briefings
  • Commercial Continuity & Growth Planning

Key features of our IT support for financial services

Operational Excellence

We make sure your IT infrastructure runs in line with Financial Industry best-practices to ensure your technology investment delivers - efficiency, productivity, reduced costs and commercial advantage.

Strategic Decisions

Our senior IT advisors make sure that executive decisions can be confidently made by Financial Services companies to deliver the best commercial objectives and strategic technology roadmap.

Ahead of the Curve

Drawing on our expert technology insights means Financial Service companies can create new business models, innovate products and services, and achieve a competitive edge.

Virtual CIO Advisory Outcomes/Deliverables

Senior skilled Financial Services CIO’s are expensive and difficult to find.

FinHawk solves that rising challenge by giving your organisation;

  1. Exclusive access to Finance Industry leading technology knowledge and experience.
  2. Executive insights to bridge the gap between complex technology and business objectives.
  3. Enterprise level strategic business planning underpinned by technology execution.

Get the Finhawk Advantage

Leading Expertise

FinHawk’s Virtual CIO Advisory empowers your organisation with an executive-level technology resource on your management team that is usually exclusive to tier-1 corporates..

Low Risk

FinHawk’s Virtual CIO Advisory is a trusted and proven senior consultancy service which you engage as your business needs require without the capex commitment.

Measurable ROI

FinHawk’s Virtual CIO Advisory gives you access to first-class technical knowledge at an investment proposition that delivers value across your enterprise through superior IT insights.

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